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Inclusion: The way forward

There is potential in every human being provided they are accepted and included. Anugraham is a team of dedicated professionals who aim to provide mental wellbeing and growth with a focus on inclusion. We work with educational institutions, teachers, parents, adolescents and children. Collaboration between all the units in a child’s environment along with supportive professional guidance is vital for progress

Image Credit – Pratham is an 18 year old boy who takes his learning disabilities in his stride and moves from strength to strength. He has chosen to excel in whatever he does, as is obvious from the sketch. Pratham is an artist who specialises in drawing of animals, especially dianosaurs. He wants to become a paleontologist as well as continue with his Art.

Course Offerings

Online Certificate Course

Duration: 8 weeks

A Certificate Course in Inclusion in collaboration with the Institute on Community Integration (ICI), University of Minnesota.

Online Short Term Training Program

Duration: 4 weeks

Details will follow soon





  • Establishing SOP for quality inclusive education
  • School audit of readiness for inclusive education
  • Capacity building of teachers
  • Ongoing support


  • Special education services for individuals with specific learning disabilities, autism, intellectual disabilities, ADHD



  • Training programs for management of heterogeneous classes
  • Training programs for teaching students of the 21st century
  • Multiple intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Understanding adolescence


  • Adolescence education program
  • Sexuality education (Classes XI & XII)

We Work With



Behavioural Concerns


Academic Concerns


Socio-Emotional Concerns



Peer Relationship






Relationship Concerns


Inclusive education in New Zealand is founded upon the core belief that every learner has the potential to contribute to their family, whānau, community and Aotearoa New Zealand. Across the nation, diversity is viewed as a gift within each classroom. Inclusive education drives us to reflect upon the development of our teaching programmes and the design our learning spaces. Honouring the principles of Universal Design and affirming the identity of all learners, this thinking extends beyond the school gate, fostering a culture of belonging and respect, understanding about inclusion in the wider community and connecting learners to their communities as they follow their learning pathways.

Eva Cornforth, Assistant Principal Rutherford College, Auckland New Zealand

Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching 2019 cohort

Inclusion is about the blessing of reciprocal love, empathy and acceptance. Life is a great teacher that so far has been preserving the world for so long and inclusion is a demand of time to move forward. People with and without disabilities teach each other to live and co-exist, feel and understand, find solutions and gain skills, give and accept, share and celebrate.


Inclusion Means Understanding and Respect.

In the inclusive environment all our similarities and differences are worth understanding and respect, therefore, there is no place left for “otherness”, hostility or pity. Respectful people always are inclusive in their thoughts, words and actions. When we understand an obvious fact that all humans are pretty much similar in our basic needs, worries and dreams, we start to respect each other and what we have in common as well respect differences too.


Full-time Student Abroad

Inclusion is a necessary step towards a comprehensive education. No child should be left behind in the process of learning. In Brazil, teachers adapt the activities in the classroom and while students are in their break, they encourage students to play with each other, raising awareness on the importance of respecting each other.

Realizing the importance of integrating children with special needs into the educational process is a must for every school, in every country. Teachers who care about it are ANUGRAHAM in the lives of these children. May we all think of inclusive education as a must!

Elaine Oliveira

Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching 2019 cohort

Lifelong learning experience….an eye-opener sessions..lot of concepts relevant not only for disabled ones but also to the normal learner can be delivered in their own learning style by creating conducive learning environment.

Ritu Srivastava

I got to learn, unlearn and relearn a lot through, ‘Inclusion: The Way Forward’ course. Our Sessions with resource persons were insightful. Mentor Shubha Chandrashekar is inspiring and in each session, she give us examples which helps us to understand concepts relevantly. She made sure everyone of us seen and heard. In our batch we had diverse participants and I’m happy that I got to learn from my fellow participants. Renuka Madam’s technical support and her Monday course materials update messages with ‘Happy Learning; Happy Quizzing’ note gave positivity. I enjoyed doing my assignments and taking quizzes throughout the course on my account. It helped me to self evaluate my learning process, those’re new to me.

Special Educator (ID)
Magzhivi Foundation

Inclusive education is seen as a challenge and even I was in that feel till I attended this course. It’s an eye-opener.

Sakila Sarvanraja
Senior Coordinator
Whitefield Global School, Bengaluru, Karnataka

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We are pleased to announce the launching of our online Certificate Course in Inclusion in collaboration with the Institute on Community Integration (ICI),
University of Minnesota.

“Together let us make inclusion happen”

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