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Webinar On School Readiness: Inclusion Of Children with Sensory Abilities, India

On 29 August 2020, Team Anugraham organized a webinar on SCHOOL READINESS: INCLUSION OF CHILDREN WITH SENSORY IMPAIRMENTS

The webinar had 3 main sessions. The first session was conducted by Dr. Himangshu Das, Director of National Institute for the Empowerment of Individuals with Visual Impairment (NIEPVD), Govt. of India. He highlighted the conditions which fall under the visual impairment category as per the RPWD Act (Rights of person with Disabilities Act), 2016, India and spoke of the pre-requisites for inclusion of children with visual impairment in early childhood education.

Ms. Ritu Nakra , a certified LSLS AVT certified speaker conducted the second session on inclusion of children with Hearing Impairment. She emphasized on the needs of bilingual children in India , keeping in mind the challenges and demands of use of multiple languages in the Indian society especially in the home and school environments.

Ms. Chandrashekhar spoke on the 3 dimensions of School Readiness when it comes to inclusion of children with sensory impairments: Ready Students, Ready Schools and Ready Families. She elaborated on the importance of cohesion of the 3 dimensions which can lead to positive transition and successful inclusion. She also highlighted the role of Special Educators in being leaders and advocates for inclusion and not merely providing remediation for students with special needs.

The webinar was well attended and had participation not only from different parts of India but also from Minnesota, Senegal, Brazil and Philippines.

Anugraham seeks to reach out to schools, teachers, parents and rehabilitation professionals from the semi urban and rural regions of the Indian subcontinent to increase acceptance and empathy towards individuals with diverse abilities and potential.

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